Ice Department

P: (208) 524-5111 F: (208) 524-7753
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Ball Storage & Ice, LLC, is proud to be the area's leader in ice production and distribution. Our commitment to complete customer satisfaction has allowed us to serve a customer base within a 120 mile radius from our facility. With the area's largest capacity for ice production, Ball Storage & Ice, LLC, can handle any sized customers' demand. We have 7# cubed , 10# pressed block, 11# solid block, and 20# cubed ice available.

We strive to keep our ice at a very high quality. All ice from our facility is made from purified water and using reverse-osmosis technology. Our hands-free production methods also help to ensure top quality. Imagine your ice-cooled beverage, so crisp, so clean, free from the annoying floaties produced by unfiltered or unpurified ice.

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